Is K.O. O.K.?

09.09.2023 / festival „centrum światów jest tutaj“ / Przemyśl / duration: 30 mins

stre!fen performanceart festival in Görlitz-Zgorzelec (DE/PL) has a cooperation with the polish art festival „centrum światów jest tutaj“ (the centre of the worlds is here) in Przemyśl (PL) near the polish-ukrainian border. 2023 I was invited to join the project with a performance. This year’s theme was „celebrations“ and so I made in my performance a research about: How to celebrate tiredness, weakness and failure?

The performance was shown in the backyard of the Ukrainian House in Przemyśl, a very messy spot full of leftovers from recent constructions sites. Also a very hidden place. The side nobody would like to show to the public.

I made myself part of that place and tired and weak by moving a heavy old door down to the yard, tried impossible things like closing a bottle or lightening a match but couldn’t bring my hands together with the door between the arms. I finished with an old polish song I have learned a couple weeks before which is a plea to the sun to go down „Zachodźże, słoneczko….“

Photos: Emrah Gökdemir, Katarzyna Lyszkowska, Jadwiga Sawicka