kraft ort natur


a room installation for 1000 & Deine Sicht created together with Sascha Röhricht

exhibited 17. September 2022 – 16.September 2023 / Zittau / Baugewerkeschule

The interactive installation worked with natural and transformed natural materials to invite the visitors to think about where their own forces are coming from. We created a nature place inside a house.

The birch curtain

Built from around 70 birch trunks we installed movable at the ceiling

Map of Personal Power Places

We invite the visitors to mark their own places of power

A water source

built around the washbasin

The plant house

a space in a space with its own atmosphere and processes like growing and dying plants, flies, mushrooms. The most vivid part of the installation which provoked most of discussions about culture (order) and nature (dirt, dead)

And much more you can see in the video: the book tower, the poem, the exchange shelf, mirror of life